Dear Reader,

You’re no stranger to the beauty of this valley– nestled between the Appalachian and Blue Ridge Mountains, the heart of the Shenandoah runs deep through all of our homes. People travel from all over the world to our homeland to explore its caverns, hike its trails, learn about its rich history and bask in this beautiful, unique region. Boasting rugged mountains and two thunderous rivers, the Valley isn’t only a testament to the power and beauty of nature, but also an example of a community that values kindness, hospitality and (occasionally) a frothy IPA. We’ve worked hard to bring to you a good blend of stories that showcases this region. Inside the pages of Curio, you’ll find its people — a radio host whose laughter lights up her whole station, a veteran focused on helping other servicemen and women, a Bridgewater-based business that’s restoring the original Air Force One. You’ll also find activities, like six great trails to hike this summer, an exciting escape room and a board game that has skyrocketed as an Amazon best-seller. If you live in the Valley, we invite you into Curio to find out what you may already know: this region is a hidden gem full of wonderful things to explore. All of the stories in this publication, whether highlighting a business or depicting a new experience, are geared toward proving that this area of Virginia is as rich in culture as it is in love.

Thank you for reading this magazine. The Curio staff and I hope that you find the stories within engaging, and a satisfying answer to your curiosity.

Enjoy exploring,

Matt D’Angelo | Editor-in-chief